Meet Kristen

Let us introduce you to the Johnson Family

When the Johnson family had a house fire in 2018, they lost their home and their sense of security all in one day. The Newark community rallied behind the Johnson Family. Not only did this help them get back on their feet, it allowed Kristen to continue her pursuit of ​stability and self-reliance for her family​. Kristen faced challenges with unwavering strength and determination. Focusing on her family motto of, “Keep God first and the rest is sure to come,” she continues to work toward her dreams.

One of Habitat’s critical roles in the community is ​providing opportunities for families​ like the Johnsons ​​to see their dreams of homeownership become a reality. Whether it is Kristen’s motivation to find stability for her family, or her son Romani’s desire to have a yard to play in with his friends, their dream is getting closer. ​This can happen because of supporters like you​.

The Johnson family has wholeheartedly embraced partnership with Habitat. Kristen has begun the required 225 hours of sweat equity ahead of schedule, by attending homeownership courses and working on our Clyde house. She is excited to begin working on our new build in Newark, alongside our wonderful volunteers.

But, it’s far from a solo journey.​​ Through the support​ of a remarkable community, ​we can help transform the dreams of deserving families, ​like the Johnsons, into a reality.

Meet Pam

Let us introduce you to the Montalvo Family

Pam isn’t a stranger to Habitat for Humanity. Her first experience was back in 2005 when she entered into the Habitat program in Long Island. Out of 100 applicants, Pam got picked. While certain family circumstances meant she had to postpone that opportunity for homeownership, she never forgot about Habitat for Humanity and tracked us down when her and her family moved to Wayne County, NY.

When Pam talks about what she’s been working towards in the Habitat program, stability comes up often. Since moving to Sodus 9 years ago, Pam and her children have moved around 6 different times. They long for a home free from sudden rent increases, free from mold and asbestos, a home with windows that work and a home that’s affordable.They are looking for peace of mind.

Additionally, Pam takes pride in being a single mother seeking a homeownership opportunity for her and her children. She never understood what being a single mom could be like until she became one and has so much respect for single moms.

In the U.S., 1 in 5 households pay half or more of their income on their home. Women are disproportionately affected by this severe cost-burden and make up a larger share of U.S. households living in poverty and as well as receiving government-subsidized housing. At Habitat for Humanity we know that safe, affordable housing means that individuals and families have the opportunity to thrive. However, women face challenges that make it more difficult to access this basic need.

What has Pam learned from Habitat? The program has showed her how to pay it forward. She is motivated to go out in the community and help out. Pam is currently putting in her sweat equity, a requirement of the Habitat for Humanity homeownership program..